Dr. Tapas Kumar Dutta

Dr. Tapas Kumar Dutta: Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor in Kolkata

Dr. Tapas Kumar Dutta is a renowned (Gold medalist by the Governor of Manipur and Life time achievement award) astrologer and spiritual advisor based in Kolkata, West Bengal. He offers a variety of astrological services to clients across India.

Dr. Dutta’s Expertise:

Daily Horoscope: Dr. Dutta provides daily

forecasts based on planetary alignments, helping individuals navigate their day-to-day lives.

* Love Horoscope: He offers guidance on

matters of the heart, analyzing compatibility and potential challenges in relationships.
* Matchmaking Horoscope: Dr. Dutta uses astrology to assess compatibility between potential partners, aiding couples in their decisions.

* Kundali Making Service: He creates personalized birth charts (kundalis) that depict the planetary positions at the time of birth, which are used for astrological analysis.

* Marriage Astrology: Dr. Dutta provides

insights into the astrological factors influencing marriage, compatibility, and potential hurdles.

* Career Astrology: He uses astrology to help individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses, guiding them towards suitable career paths.
* Life Problem Solving: Dr. Dutta offers astrological guidance for various life challenges, including:

* Domestic Problems (Family Issues): He can help identify underlying causes and suggest solutions for family conflicts.

* Litigation (Court Cases): Dr. Dutta may analyze the astrological influences on legal matters, offering insights into potential outcomes.

* Financial Troubles: He can provide astrological guidance for navigating financial difficulties.

Dr. Dutta’s Clientele:

Dr. Dutta’s reputation attracts a wide range of clients from across India. People seek his expertise for various personal and professional concerns.